Travelling to Mysuru

Mysore got a new airport in May 2011 and initially Kingfisher Airlines operated a flight to and from Mysore to few cities via Bangalore. They stopped the service in November citing poor response. Spicejet started the flight services on 14th of january 2013 with flight services to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi on every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Next nearest airport to Mysore is Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore. Lot of international careers are flying directly to Bangalore. From the airport, one can take a cab directly to Mysore. Cost of the cab will be around Rs. 2,800 if you book it in the airport. If you book through mysooru.com you can get a cab for Rs. 2,400. It takes around 1 hour, only to get out of Bangalore city. Once you reach Mysore Road, Mysore is just 2 hours drive. Traffic in Bangalore city is very bad and sometimes it may take 2 hours or more to reach Mysore Road from the airport.

There are Volvo Luxury buses from the airport to Bangalore bus stand which costs Rs. 150 and another Volvo bus ride to Mysore will cost you Rs. 250. Majestic is the main bus stand in Bangalore, but Mysore buses do not ply to Majestic anymore. They start and end at Mysore Satelite Bus Stand which is about 30 minutes drive from Majestic. Bangalore central railway station is located just opposite to majestic bus stand. There are buses to Mysore after every 15 minutes. You need not book these buses in advance. You can also take a train to Mysore. You get the train ticket in the Train station itslef. You may have to stand in the que for 5 to 10 minutes. Train ticket will cost anything between Rs. 40 to Rs. 250. Some trains offer comfortable airconditioned chair cars for a price of Rs. 215 to 250. You can book the train tickets online here.

If you are coming from Chennai, you can take shatabdi Express. It takes 7 hours to reach Mysore from Chennai. Train is airconditioned and they serve complimentary food 4 times a day.

Check the Flight / Train timings here

It is better to take a prepaid auto rickshaw from the train or bus station to your destination. An auto ride may cost anything between Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 depending on the location.

Travelling within Mysore

If you are planning to stay for long, you may hire a 2 wheelers on monthly rent and travel around the city. There are many Auto rickshaws available. It is better to fix the price before you enter the Auto Rickshaw. There are no regular taxi services to travel within the city, however one can book a taxi from any travel agent and travel within the city or to nearby locations. All the locations in Mysore are well connected by the state run city buses. Cost of the ticket could be anything between Rs. 2 to Rs. 10.

Travelling to Kerala, Goa, Hampi ..etc from Mysore

One can take a bus to places like Wayanad and Calicut. Wayanad is 3 hours bus drive. Calicut is 8 hours by bus. Train from Bangalore is suitable for any other destination in Kerala. Bangalore to kanyakumari takes about 16 hours by train.

To travel to Goa, you can either travel to Bangalore first and then take a flight to Goa or travel to Hubli from Mysore by train and take a bus from Hubli to Goa. One must be ready to spend about 20 hours for the 2nd option.

Hampi is connected to both Bangalore and Goa by train and it will be about 8 to 10 hours by train. Nearest station is Hospet.

You can book a hotel room in Wayanad, Goa or Hampi through mysuru.com