Snake Shyam

Balasubramania, popularly known as Snake Shyam, is one of the peculiar personalities in Mysore. His extraordinary skill and devotion towards snake rescuing has earned him immense fame in and around the city. Whenever there's a snake in the vicinity, Snake Shyam is just a call away. He'll travel all the way down to your house and rescue it to safety.

It was way back in 1982 when he rescued a snake for the first time. The number of snakes that he has rescued so far, in the past two and half decades, is more than a whopping 19,000. Dealing with venomous snakes such as cobras and vipers is a piece of cake for him. He gives you the impression of a devout environmentalist, caring for snakes in particular and other creatures in general.

A vibrant personality that he is, Snake Shyam is known for his unusual appearance and attire with a bizarre sense of style characterized by long hair, stylish and creative moustaches, a number of rings, chains, and necklaces, and of course, tattooed arms. His vehicles carry many an eye-catching statements, many of which are in connection with the 'save environment' mantra.

An auto driver by profession, Shyam with his snake rescuing hobby has earned recognition from various organizations. He has been the subject matter for student projects, various newspaper articles, and TV shows. He was featured in the 'Croc Chronicles' aired on the National Geographic Channel in the year 2002 as well.


Snake Shyam
Ph : 9980557797, 9448069399