Ravishankar Mishra

Ravishankar Mishra, an ardent 'aspirer' and 'seeker' of Music, symbolises 'commitment' and 'dedication' to the rich tradition of Hindustani Classical music of India. Born on 21st June, 1970, he was initiated into the art of flute playing by his father Shri Dinesh Chandra Mishra, even as he developed a strong inclination to 'bamboo-wind' instrument.

His inner urge to explore into the depth of classical music and the flute playing inspired him to seek the discipleship of Pandit Nityanand Haldipur(Maihar gharana) , who belongs to the lineage of legendary flutist, Pandit Pannalal Ghosh. Ravi has the blessings of legendary sitarist Padmashree Ustad Haleem Jafer Khan, whom he revers as his mentor and guide.

Ravi's flute-playing signifies a harmonius blend of 'gayaki' and 'instrumentality' and well exemplified in pure and natural melody. Marked by a methodical and disciplined approach, the pristine quality of the 'raag' and vastness of the sur are well preserved, as he creatively explores into the vastness of melody without deviating from its grammatical contours.

As he blows flute with efficacy employing a dexterous fingering technique, he shows a deep involvement and uncannious feeling for the 'raag-bhaav' thereby, bringing to light the inherent aesthetical mood of the melody - in its form and content. Apparently, the melody that flows is unpretentiously enthralling. In the process, this young flautist is now a listener's delight - of the royal and the uninitiated as well.


Ravishankar Mishra
#20, Urs Complex, Sardar Patel Road, Mysore - 570001
Ph : 2420952, 94481 50433